E V E N T S - 行 き ま し ょ


Tatsuo Miyajima at the William Morris Gallery

Lloyd Park House Forest Road London
Kokeshi, from Tohoku with Love
70-72 Old St London

At 07:00 pm

Exhibition by SOU FUJIMOTO: FUTURES OF THE FUTURE 藤本壮介展 未来の未来
Japan House, 101-111 Kensington High St Kensington

R E S T A U R A N T - い た だ き ま す

22 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1D 6QQ

B L O G - 仲 間

Introducing the Japan Nakama Kamon
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Kamon are Japanese emblems or symbols used to identify the ancestral bloodlines of samurai warriors and Japanese nobility. Kamons are an example of Japanese tradition that still resonates today There are more than 20,000 individual Kamon in Japan. Kamon is a unique culture and tradition that is only

A N I M E - 絶 対 に 守 る

Celebrate the Ladies of Super Sentai with Punk Drunkers Apparel Line
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Subculture fashion company Punk Drunkers may fly under the motto of “Uncool Is Cool,” but there’s nothing uncool about this new line of pink ranger and Kakuranger goods.The team-up with Premium Bandai offers two sweet items for super sentai fans. The first, a T-shirt available in white or black, fea

F O O D - お か わ り

Shichimi – The Japanese 7 Spice
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Shichimi translates to '7 flavours' in Japanese, and is one of the yakumi condiments. Interestingly enough, the 7 spices that is are in shichimi can various different spices. Usually the spices that are used for shichimi are:coarsely ground red chilli pepper (the main ingredient)ground sansho (Japan

D E S I G N - わ び さ び

Harajuku Girls Wearing Lady Gaga, Tennessee River, Bubbles, Kiki2, Kinji, WC, Yosuke & RRR by Sugar Spot Factory
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In Harajuku, we ran into Miori and Neira, both fun Tokyo students who caught our eye with their individual takes on monochrome street style.At the left is Neira, who is wearing a long grey Corona t-shirt from Tennessee River, which they styled with black thigh-high socks and a pair of platform t-str

V I D E O - は い、チ ー ズ

Funny Videos from Japan
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