E V E N T S - 行 こ う



91 Brick Ln London
HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018
Olympia, Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 8UX

TALIA LEHAVI at Skylark Gallery OXO Tower
Oxo Tower Wharf South Bank London

At 12:00 pm

D I S C O U N T S - おトク

Tsujiri Matcha House: 20% off Latte & Pudding
47 Rupert St Soho
At 06:18 pm
Tombo Matcha: 15% off the Food Bill (Soho & Fitzrovia)
28 D'Arblay St Soho
Wasoukan: closing down sale (50% off everything)
Earl of Lonsdale 293 Westbourne Grove
At 01:00 pm
10% off all products at Toothpic Nations
At 10:00 am
Hyper Reality: 20% Off Haunted Worlds VR Experience
At 12:00 pm
Pom Pom Factory: 20% OFF Your First Order
At 01:00 am

B L O G - 仲 間

Nakama Writer: Cleary Mallard
4 Events We’re Excited for at HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018
Hyper Japan is back to break through the winter chills with steaming ramen, live music and soul-warming Japanese tea. In the build up to London’s largest Japanese convention, I’ve picked out some of the most exciting moments of the weekend. 1. 20 Short-Films from the DoGA CG Anime Contest This is th
Nakama Writer: Emily Shaw
Why I love Japan: Amélie Ravalec photographer and documentary film maker
Next up in our Why I Love Japan series, which seeks to draw attention to some of our favourite artists, photographers and creatives; all of who have a distinct interest in, and whose work is influenced by, Japan, we’re excited to introduce Amélie Ravalec. A photographer and documentary filmmaker, Am
Nakama Writer: Emily Shaw
Is Yayoi Kusama’s ‘The Moving Moment When I Went To The Universe’ worth the hype?
For Yayoi Kusama’s cult of fans, the arrival of her latest installation artwork ‘My heart is dancing into the universe,’ to the intimate Victoria Miro Gallery, London, was hotly anticipated.Making up part of the more broadly named ‘The Moving Moment When I Went To The Universe,’ love for the artist­
Nakama Writer: James Taylor
HYPER REALITY: Nakama visits Haunted Realms in Shoreditch
For horror fans, the sci-fi curious or merely those looking for a fun experience with friends this Halloween season, Shoreditch pop-up HYPER REALITY offers a thrilling glimpse into the future of video games and digital entertainment that you cannot afford to miss.Using the latest in VR technology, f
Nakama Writer: Roz Pike
JAEFF: The Tremors of Japanese New Wave Cinema
Last week I explored Japanese avant-garde cinema at Barbican. JAEFF welcomed me in and I took my seat within the audience while the guest speakers prepared themselves, deciding which colour mic they wanted to use. All four of them are world renowned experts in Japanese cinema, ready to discuss their
Nakama Writer: Roz Pike
JAEFF: Bad Boys and Studio Sunrise, Japanese New Wave Cinema at Barbican
After the talk on the Tremors of the Japanese New Wave, I take my seat in the Barbican theatre for Bad Boys (Hani, 1961) and Studio Sunrise (Aoki, 2017). Inspired by a passionate and detailed discussion about how post-war Japan tilted the lens of cinema toward protest and social commentary, I’m read

A N I M E - こ れ は 現 実 だ

Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer Film Has Earned 11 Billion Yen Worldwide
As reported, Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer was released on 7,000-8,000 screens across China on November 9, and according to Cinema Today, it has earned 1.6 billion yen (about 14 million US dollars) in one week since its release. The 22nd Conan film has been also released in other Asian countrie
Love Live! Song Composer’s New Idol Unit Advance Arc Harmony to Make Major Debut in January 2019
MusicBank announced today that its Tokyo-based group company NiitA’s 11-member idol unit Advance Arc Harmony will release their major debut single “Ima, Kimi to Ikiteiru” (Now, I am living with you) from Tokuma Japan Communications on January 9, 2019, and that Kyo Takada, known for his composing wor
Aqours and Touken Danshi to Make Guest Appearance in NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen on December 31
Today on November 14, NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation/Nippon Housou Kyoukai) announced the performers for the 69th Kohaku Uta Gassen. It is their annual New Year’s Eve singing program and has been the highest rating Japanese TV music program. And it is confirmed that nine-member voice actress
New Staff Comments for The Rising of the Shield Hero TV Anime
The Rising of the Shield Hero is a new Crunchyroll anime co-production set to begin streaming in Janurary 2019. Today, some new official comments from the creative staffs were released that give some clues (but not spoilers!) for what’s in store in this his heroic adaptation of the hit light novel a
Attack on Titan Manga Author to Make His Rare Documentary Appearance on Sunday
The official website for TBS’ long-running human documentary program Jounetsu Tairiku (literally means Passion Continent) has announced that its next episode to be aired on November 18 will focus on 32-year-old manga artist Hajime Isayama, best known for his internationally popular series Shingeki n
Black Butler Launches One Hell of a Pop-Up Store in 2019
Black Butler has some new goods planned for fans… though what specifically they are is still a mystery.Locations in Tokyo and Osaka are teasing a pop-up store for their Black Label brand, featuring new goods from the popular series. So far, all we have to go on is their key visual, which is being di

F O O D - い た だ き ま す

How to care for a Hangiri bowl
Hangiri bowls, also known as handai bowls are a traditional tool used in Japan to mix sushi rice and seasoning. They are becoming more popular in the West to achieve a more authentic taste to sushi. They are usually made from uncoated cypress wood, which is a softwood. Two copper bands are attached
Prawn Potstickers with Chilli Hodge Podge dip
Firstly, welcome to 2018! I’ve been quiet for a while on the recipe front, but I have lots planned for the coming year, so expect lots of updates and new recipes.I’m starting the year off with a recipe I have been cooking a lot over the past six months since I first discovered these little parcels o
Surimi Okonomiyaki
I first tried okonomiyaki at Café An An in Portslade, when they had a special day cooking this Japanese pancake/ omelette. It is full of classic Japanese flavours and ingredients, with dashi, spring onion and topped with bonito flakes and seaweed. I got all the ingredients in Japan Centre in London
Spicy Oxtail Ramen
This is the first time I’ve created broth using a pressure cooker. Not going to lie, I’ve always found them a bit scary and avoided using mine. My pressure cooker has sat on a dusty shelf for long enough and I decided it was time to get over my fear. And it makes life so much easier and saves so muc
Ishikawa Fair 2018
Japan Centre’s popular regional fairs are continuing into November, and next up we’re celebrating the magical prefecture of Ishikawa. From 27th October until 16th November, you’ll be able to sample delicious food and drink from the region both in-store and online, so let’s jump right into the beauti
Choosing and Enjoying Sake – Part 3
Enjoying SakeGood Sake or Nihon Shu is wonderful, clean and delicious with no chemical added drink enjoyed by millions around the world.Sake labels are usually always beautiful and give some indication of style, aroma and taste. Sometimes the label indicates the sake meter value, a measure of how dr

T R A V E L - お も て な し

5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Shibuya 2019
Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese food, and you can eat quality sushi at an affordable price in Shibuya, a Tokyo’s top tourist town. Every tourist seeks the freshest sushi to the fish markets such as Tsukiji and Toyosu, however, you should know you can have high-quality sushi in Shibuya. Her
What to Buy at Don Quijote in Japan 2018–2019 Winter
What to Buy at Don Quijote in Japan 2018–2019 WinterDon Quijote a.k.a. DONKI is a popular discount store in Japan where thousands of products are sold such as food, souvenirs, cosmetics, medicine, electronic gadgets, clothes, households, games and more! It’s one of the most popular Japanese stores a
Tірѕ Fоr a Sаfе Road Trір іn Jараn
Tірѕ Fоr a Sаfе Road Trір іn JараnWhen planning to gо on a rоаd trір in Japan, іt іѕ important nоt only to have all the nесеѕѕаrу items уоu nееd tо trаvеl, but also hаvе your саr rеаdу fоr аn еmеrgеnсу situation. While уоu саn’t аlwауѕ prevent еvеrу situation that may arise, thеrе are ѕоmе basic thi
Best Winter Illuminations in Japan 2018
Light festivals over the Christmas period have become huge events in Japan. Every year the spectacular displays become even more extravagant and breathtaking.They typically take place in November and December but some start as early as October and others go on until February. Here is a guide to some
Japanese Cooking Cheats: How to Make Sukiyaki and Sushi Effortlessly!
Who said Japanese cooking is too difficult?It’s a universally common truth that most of us have very limited time to prepare everyday meals. Japanese can never be an exception. Our home cooking today is so quick and easy with the instant seasonings and sauces.Why don’t you join me for the full of sh
Top 10 Things to Do in Japan in February
February in Japan might be cold and dark, but it’s actually a wonderful month to visit Japan! There are numbers of special events held across the country including the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, and it’s a great time to enjoy early blooming Cherry Blossoms! Let’s check out the best things to do a

D E S I G N - わ び さ び

Jinta Hirayama’s Illustrated Fireworks Catalogs from the 1800s
Jinta Hirayama was an enterprising pyrotechnist who, in 1877, founded The Hirayama Fireworks company in Yokohama. Hirayama had come from Mikawa Province (modern-day Aichi Prefecture) which was famous for their fireworks and he recruited several firework artisans to come work for him. Japanese firewo
HEIHEI Harajuku Girls Plaid Street Styles w/ Ruffle Dress, Jumper Skirt & Tokyo Bopper Shoes
Catching our attention on the Harajuku street one day are Misaki and Mami, two HEIHEI staffers whose plaid outings make them familiar faces on our street snaps.At the left is 19-year-old Mami, who stepped out in a red-and-blue plaid ruffle dress from HEIHEI, which features balloon sleeves, a ruffled
Kowa Danchi Offers a Renewed Vision of Housing Projects in Japan
The new Kowa Public Housing project in the foreground surrounded by the old public housingAfter hundreds of years of living in wooden homes that were constantly prone to fire, danchi (団地) public housing projects emerged in the 1960s to cope with Japan’s rapid modernization and urbanization. Made fro
studio velocity’s kowa apartments in japan encourage interactions between neighbors
the housing complex is divided between individual buildings which open to exterior interstitial gathering spaces, encouraging resident interactions.Original Article from London Japan
Minimalist Japanese Streetwear Styles in Harajuku w/ Facetasm, Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme, Anrealage & Comme des Garcons Homme
Meet Risa and Ryo, two Japanese students whose minimalist streetwear ensembles make them a regular feature in our Harajuku street snaps.Risa is clad in monochrome outfit, which consists of a black long-sleeved Facetasm shirt with white geometric prints and an extra top shirt panel, paired with black
Results From the 2018 Takaoka Craft Competition
The Takaoka Craft Competition is one of the oldest and most anticipated contemporary craft shows in Japan. Throughout its 32 year-history, the competition has allowed two categories: a “factory category” that focuses on mass-production and a “contemporary category” that emphasis artistic qualities.

L A N G U A G E - 勉 強 し ま し ょ う

What is JLPT?
If you have been studying Japanese for any length of time, you might have heard of the JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Organized by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES), a semi-governmental organization, it has kind of become the standard way of measuring one’s Japanese level
20 Apps for Japanese learning on the go
20 Apps for Japanese learning on the goEver imagined yourself being fluent in the Japanese Language? Procrastinating and giving yourself excuses to deter yourself from picking up the language? Then this is the time to start. No more excuses as learning Japanese has never been any more convenient tha
A GaijinPot Field Guide to the Halloween Costumes of Japan
Few countries have adopted the foreign festival of Halloween quite like the Japanese. Long forgotten are its Gaelic roots and instead, in Japan at least, the festival has become a celebration of the country’s アニメ (anime), コスプレ (cosplay) and 漫画(まんが) (manga) culture.However, these uniquely Japanese ce
Let’s learn some Japanese Halloween Vocabulary!
Let’s learn some Japanese Halloween Vocabulary! Places/ObjectsCharactersFeelings/EmotionsWith Halloween just around the corner, let’s take a look at some Japanese words related to this SPOOKY season.First up, let’s take a look at the word ハロウィン (Harowin). Want to guess what it means? You’ve probab
Let’s learn some Japanese Halloween Vocabulary!
Let’s learn some Japanese Halloween Vocabulary! Places/ObjectsCharactersFeelings/EmotionsWith Halloween just around the corner, let’s take a look at some Japanese words related to this SPOOKY season.First up, let’s take a look at the word ハロウィン (Harowin). Want to guess what it means? You’ve probab
Getting Started with Street Dance in Japan
Few countries have taken to street dance quite like Japan. Almost everywhere you go there are hip-hoppers practicing their moves in front of any reflective surface they can find, breaking crews doing fast-spinning performances to entranced crowds at shopping malls and even TV shows and magazines aim