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Kintan Japanese BBQ

34 High Holborn London

First Japanese Yakiniku-ya restaurant in the UK. Grill House, for all to enjoy under one roof in the middle of the City

Yakiniku, literally meaning ‘grilled meat’, is the Japanese take on the Korean barbecue and one of the most popular dining styles in Japan.

Being Japanese, Yakiniku restaurants employ a little engineering ingenuity to provide smokeless table grills with subterranean smoke extraction so that the flavour of the food stays on your plate and off of your clothes.

The heart of Yakiniku is the grills themselves where you get to cook a choice selection of bite-sized cuts of meat, seafood, and vegetables how you want it and just as you want to eat it. Our friendly staff are always on hand to advise on cooking times and take over if you get overwhelmed. We also serve a selection of small hot dishes, salads, rice and noodles which combine seasonal British ingredients with Japanese flavours and cooking styles.