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8 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BS

Based on the old style drinking houses of Japan known as izakayas. A place to unwind and relax in the company of great food, drink and friends.

Izakaya is a style of Japanese dining that encourages relaxed, gastronomic experiences accompanied with refreshing beers, cocktails and of course sakes. Perfect for dining with groups, and parties. At Sakagura this izakaya style is nourished by Japanese style omotenashi hospitality, ensuring a unique dining experience that is both relaxed, yet authentically warm and inviting.

Sakagura is the first authentic Japanese restaurant owned by sake brewery companies in the UK. As a symbol of this joint partnership we have placed a sugidama outside the restaurant. It means 'cedar ball' and is made from fresh cedar branches and was used to show customers of sake establishments that the sake was ready to drink as the cedar branches aged. Now it is a symbol of and the pride we take in working with the best local producers of sake from across Japan allowing us to bring a vast range of some of the best premium and exclusive sakes to our diners.