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Chirashi Bowl

Old Spitalfields Market Brushfield St London

“Chirashi” means “Scattered”, but there’s nothing out of place in these delicately created sushi bowls.

Select your chosen Chirashi from the menu and watch as their chef organises and designs your bowl in front of you.

As authentic and popular in Japan, as Nigiri sushi or Maki rolled sushi, this cherished family dish is enjoyed both at home and takeaway.

There are two key kinds of Chirashi; fresh sashimi on Sushi Rice and a variety of thinly sliced vegetables such as Carrots, Radishes, Cucumbers, Burdocks, Lotus roots or Edamame beans in addition to Grilled Egg (thinly cut) on Sushi Rice.

The Chirashi stall at Old Spitalfields Market offers a selection of bowls featuring fish, as well as options suitable for vegetarians and vegans.