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Tokyo Diner

2 Newport Pl, London WC2H 7JJ

Authentic Japanese food at attractive prices in the heart of London since 1992

When I arrived in Japan, I found that Japanese people are very positive about enjoying life; in particular, they are passionate about food. They often eat out three or four times a week, so there is an abundance of different types of restaurant. There were a few restaurants like the ones I had seen in London, but these were a tiny minority. Most places offered delicious, satisfying, ‘ordinary’ food at sensible prices. They were warm and friendly. Above all, they were fun. Mealtimes became the highlights of every day.

When I returned to London, I found that I hankered after the Japanese experience, so I went back to all my favourite Japanese restaurants here. But having known the delights of cheap, cheerful eateries in Japan, I was no longer willing to spend so much money on a miserable imitation!

So, when the launderette below my small flat in Soho became vacant, I jumped at the opportunity to turn the whole building into what has now become Tokyo Diner. We opened in 1992 and it seems that my conviction proved right, because we went into profit within the first month of trading and, despite numerous competitors opening (and closing), we have never been short of customers. We usually serve about 300 meals per day, but our record is over 550.