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Tsujiri Matcha House

47 Rupert St Soho

Japanese tea house in London

Bringing you Japanese tradition served in a cone with a flourish and a smile, we introduce Tsujiri, home of the best green tea desserts. Tsujiri has a 155-year-old legacy, founded by Riemon Tsuji. 

More than just matcha

The menu has hot drinks to warm the soul during the chilly winters of London, cold drinks and soft serve ice cream to refresh your summer glows, and chewy, delectable Shiratama’s which are handmade in-store. Green tea powder is whisked into Mr. Whippy’s signature ice cream, making the soft serve dreams of tea lovers, tea brewers, and food bloggers come true.



From Kyoto to London, from 1860 to current

Asia, Canada, Australia, and now the world, bring your friends along down the rabbit hole of London and step into our wonderland of green.

Colouring your Instagram feed green since 1860.

TSUJIRI in London simply serve the best matcha latte in London. We also serve different variety of Japanese desserts.