Natsumi Japanese Film Event

1001cafe 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

Saturday, February 17 2018 from 01:00 pm to 06:00 pm

People don’t know about REAL Japan because we haven’t conveyed. We want to convey, no, we have to do it. So, NOW, we will tell you what is the Japanese by Japanese movies.

Admission FREE

You can enter or exit any time during  a break​


12:45 Open/会場

13:00 "Sad tea"/『サッドティー』上映

15:00 Brake /休憩・入れ替え

15:20 "COMPLEX × complex"


15:45 Brake/休憩・入れ替え 

16:00 "Lowlife Love"/『下衆の愛』上映

18:00   Close/閉場


Sad Tea/サッド・ティー by Rikiya Imaizumi/今泉力哉

The romantic ensemble piece revolves around a filmmaker who wants to stop cheating on his girlfriends, a fan who continues to pine for an idol, and a former idol who goes to meet him, while also contemplating the true meaning of 'proper love.






Lowlife Love/下衆の愛 by Eiji Uchida /内田英治

The slacker comedy about Testuo, a film loving, through up his own ass low-life whose bitterness about failed careers a director is taken out on those around him. He makes porn films keep money in his pocket, but won’t go against his ‘artistic integrity’ which he uses as a tool to exploit women and others. One day he comes across a perfect script and young, fresh actress, but will he be able to make the film which will reignite his career as a director, or will his past exploits catch up on him?



Complex × complex/コンプレックス×こんぷれっくす By Miyuki Hukuda/ふくだみゆき

The teen love comedy featuring underarm hair.

Yui, a junior high school second grader, is interested in boy’s underarm hair. Especially, she cannot take her eyes away from Takeo who has thick underarm hair but he has a complex about it. By accident, Yui and Masato become exchanging a couple of words, and getting closer.…..