Calvert Ave London Greater London

Friday, July 20 2018 from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

On this tour, there will be less walking and less history talking (unless you ask!) than on the Tea Walks. Instead, you will be visiting 4 or 5 unique places in the area and tasting tea in them. I will talk about the teas and explain why these places are unique! On the tour, you will taste a Japanese tea, Indian masala chai, and some nice Chinese teas too. We will discuss the difference between Japanese and Chinese teas, how and when the Japanese started steaming their tea, how many types of Chinese teas there are, and much much more! It's almost like a mini tea masterclass!

After the tea session, there will be the chance to socialise a bit more for those who would like to stay.

The Tour will last approximately 3 hours.

The Tour costs £25, all teas in the various locations are included in the price. Please note that because this is a TASTING tour, there will be a small portion of tea in each place, not a whole big cup or a teapot for each person.

Booking in advance is essential for this event, as it is strictly limited to 8 people.