Hato x Collage Club

6 Scawfell St London

Saturday, August 18 2018 from 01:00 pm to 03:30 pm

2.5 hours total
Learn about riso-printing and collage techniques
Complimentary drinks included 

What you’ll do

Irises burnt out from a deluge of computer tabs and lurid pixels? Trade in your iPhones and IdeaPads. Pick up some scissors and pritt-sticks, and produce your very own risograph inspired collage print here at Hato

Whether you’re a nascent Matisse, incipient Schwitters, or just someone who likes to cut and stick (who doesn’t!), participants of all abilities are invited to come and enjoy the Hato takeover.

Chip chopping magazines, newspaper clippings, ribbons, coloured paper and prints and reassembling them anew is nothing if not nostalgic. The technique itself dates back hundreds of years. Each session features a smorgasbord of quick and quirky activities, from speed collaging to collaborative image making. Aimed at traversing the playful schoolroom, the passionate studio and the peculiar Surrealist hideout.

We will also introduce you to the wonderful world of riso printing - a Hato speciality. The environmentally friendly printer, which uses soy-based inks in a novel and exciting ways, will add that extra flourish to your collages and add a unique spin on the art of collage.

Expect a treasure trove of materials to work from - papers, glues, tapes (no pens or pencils allowed!) - as well as refreshments to keep you bubbling through the day.

Collage Club was founded in 2014 by Steph and since then popped  up all over London.