Stop Motion Animation Which Never Stops

99 Shaftesbury Ave Soho

Tuesday, September 25 2018 from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Tsuneo Goda is a Japanese animation creator best known for creating Domo, the lovable monster mascot of Japan’s biggest public broadcaster, NHK. Five years after the creation of Domo, Goda founded dwarf, an animation studio in Tokyo, specialising in stop-motion puppet animation and character design. Together with Hirokazu Minegishi, who was appointed lead animator on Domo, they have since created hundreds of characters and worked on the award-winning film series Komaneko

For this special talk event, both Goda and Minegishi will present their epic character and animation work, in addition to other creations, revealing their ideas and the creative process behind them. Together with Abigail Addison, Co-Director of Animate Projects, they will discuss the reason for their on-going dedication to the painstaking work of hand crafted stop-motion animation when the world is turning more and more to CG, and how they bring their endearing and recognizable characters to life in TV series, films and music videos. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for anybody who loves Japanese animation to hear two of Japan’s most popular and creative talent share their work.