Private View: CHISAYO NAKATA Japan Tide Exhibition

9 Leyden St London

Tuesday, October 2 2018 from 07:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Chisayo Nakata

"Scenes of Carefree Dreams"

For many years, Chisayo Nakata worked alone, managing a Chinese restaurant in Ozu, Ehime Prefecture. It wasn’t until the age of 70 that she began focusing on painting. She talks about the joy of working on oil paintings long into the night after closing the restaurant. Her landscapes are full of imagination and imagery are drawn from a world of fairy tales. Full of passion for the carefree act of creation, the works strike the viewer with a sense of longing, like fading dreams that feel as though they are being lost to a busy reality. This exhibition includes the “Pleiades” series (in which flowers floating in space) along with other works that take a surreal approach in depicting the ocean floor. With an innocent sentimentality, the captivating paintings on display can be both enjoyed by adults and children alike.