Darning workshop

87-89 Tabernacle St Shoreditch

Thursday, October 18 2018 from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

About the workshop

This class is designed for those interested in darning and mending clothes or textile items using a variety of yarns sourced from both Europe and Japan.

- Introduction to basic darning methods and embellishment techniques
- Selecting colour of yearns to enhance texture and pattern.
- Learning darning techniques to repair damaged textile items.

All levels are welcome from complete beginners to experienced darners.


Material including yarns and needles are provided but please bring any textile items you would like to repair and a pair of scissors.

About Sanae

I studied textile design in BA and Art Education in MA in the U.K. I now specialise in darning and repair of items based in London. My first memories of darning came as a small child, my grandmother showed me how she had darned her socks and she lovingly repaired my favourite jumper. I am originally from Tokyo but since coming to Europe I have learnt to appreciate the differing styles of darning which I try to combine with Japanese Boro style so hopefully this will provide an interesting combination. My moto is nothing is unrepairable even if a simple pair of socks that are no longer wearable. There is always space to combine them with another piece of work to create something new from the old. They can then be used in every-day life and also look visually/ aesthetically pleasing. I felt as if I was pouring my power into damaged items to regenerate them. Also Darning is therapeutic for my mind. Darning produced a positive circulation between my textile works and myself as if every time I give life to a damaged item it says thanks to me for doing so.