The Wandering Princess (1960)

7 Leicester Pl London

Thursday, November 29 2018 from 07:30 pm to 07:30 pm

Join the Japan Foundation for a series of events celebrating the publication of "Tanaka Kinuyo: Nation, Stardom and Female Subjectivity" a look at the legendary actor and one of the first prominent female film directors in Japan. A screening of two of her films (The Wandering Princess and The Ballad of Narayama) will accompany the book launch, including a conversation featuring its editors, bringing her amazing work to rare prominence in the UK. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about one of Japan's most important film legends.

Wandering Princess (流転の王妃)

Dir: Tanaka Kinuyo, 1960, 102mins (with English subtitles)

Futetsu (Eiji Funakoshi), the younger brother of the Emperor of Manchukuo, marries Ryuko (Hiroko Aishinkakura) the daughter of an aristocratic family – in order to legitimise the relationship between Japan and its Chinese puppet state. To the surprise of all, they fall in love, but their bond is put to the test when Japan loses the war and Manchukuo is dissolved. Based on the true story of Pujie, the brother of the last Emperor of China and Hiro Saga his wife, the story revolves around the characteristically complex tale of female hardship, thwarted desire, arranged marriage and the yoke of imperial male power.

Organised by The Japan Foundation, Kingston School of Art, Edinburgh University Press

Images: 流転の王妃 ©1960 Kadokawa Pictures