Sushi At Home: Let’s Roll!

21 Harold Rd London

Sunday, February 17 2019 from 04:00 pm to 06:30 pm

“Sushi making is a great pleasure, once you have learnt a few simple tricks, to ensure it is perfect every time”

These classes are a fantastic introduction to sushi rolling. The focus of the class is on ‘Maki Sushi’. Maki means roll and you will learn four different type of Maki sushi in this class as well as Te Mari sushi which is rolled in the hand. Yuki will teach you how to roll sushi, make sushi vinegar, preparing sushi rice step-by-step alongside presentation techniques and other skills.

She will also recommend Japanese grocery stores, fishmongers and tips for buying ingredients there. She will show you how to plate the sushi that you have made and how best to serve it. There will also be the chance to discuss Japanese food culture during the meal, based on the dishes taught during the sushi class.