35 Charlotte Rd Shoreditch

Saturday, January 26 2019 from 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm

A bento favourite! – learn how to make the everyday bento.

Bentō boxes are served everywhere in Japan – workplaces, schools, department stores, and even on the trains. These tasty Japanese lunch boxes have been enjoyed for over 800 years!

A hands-on practical cooking class, making your own bento filled with onigiri (rice ball) and 5 quick dishes. These are suitable for cooking in a busy morning as many Japanese people make their own bento every day. Also you will learn the hints of making some dishes suitable for your bento. You will be provided a lovely re-useable bento box from Japan!


  • Umesu zuke (pickled red radish)
  • Salmon saikyo yaki (white miso marinated salmon/fried tofu(V), grilled with sesame seeds)
  • Kara age chicken/tofu(V) (marinated in soy sauce, mirin, ginger and garlic, deep fried in rice bran oil)
  • Tamago yaki (egg roll with chives)
  • Yaki bitashi (grilled seasonal vegetables with wasabi and soy dressing)
  • Rice ball with favourite condiments
  • Miso ball (quick instant homemade miso soup)

We start by introducing a typical style of bento, then a cooking session. Next, we will fill your bento box before finally eating!