35 Charlotte Rd Shoreditch

Saturday, January 5 2019 from 04:30 pm to 07:30 pm

To celebrate the publishing of Atsuko’s first cookbook Sushi Made Simple, we would love to share the love of sushi with you!

In this hands-on sushi-making class, Atsuko will guide you through the art of sushi making process, step-by-step, combining traditional techniques and new approaches.

First of all, you will make the classic premium white sushi rice, then make a variety of sushi including maki (hoso maki, California roll), and some kinds of nigiri.

You will also learn to make the famous Japanese rolled omelette tamagoyaki using.. a square frying pan!

We always provide fine quality ingredients and a glass of Junmai sake at the end of the class to celebrate your accomplishments!

You will also be given a copy of Atsuko’s signed cookbook “Sushi Made Simple” to take home, the perfect for a gift!