Sake Talks & Tastings - Sake Categories

London Shepherd's Bush Greater London

Wednesday, February 13 2019 from 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm

Join us at Japan Centre Ichiba for a talk and tasting on the different categories of Japanese sake. 

As sake becomes more popular both at home and in restaurants, the characteristics of different sake becomes all the more important. Served in a plethora of ways, from as an aperitif, during a meal and as a digestive, learning about how each category differs amplifies your sake enjoyment. In this Sake Talk & Tasting, the workshop lead will teach you about basic ingredients and production methods, and more specifically, the variety of fermentation periods, filtration periods, and pasteurisation periods. Additionally, attendees will be able to sample 6 varieties of sake based on these characteristics, gaining an understanding of the differences between colour, flavour and taste.

What we serve you:

- 6 different styles of sake (Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai, Honjozo, Nigori, Nama, Umeshu)

The contents of the seminar:

- The effect of the difference of the ingredients
- The effect of the fermentation process
- The option of the filtration period
- The option of the pasteurisation period
- The timing to enjoy each Sake variety
- Two key words: Nama / Nigori

Learn about the six major categories of sake, how they differ from one another and how this affects their taste and their culinary partnerships. As always, once the talk is over, get 10% off selected sake!

To ensure proper timekeeping, we ask that customers arrive 10 minutes before the talk starts.

About Kazuhiro Takeuchi:

As a result of working for one of the largest breweries in Japan - Kirin Brewery Company - for 25 years, Kazuhiro has experience in the sale of various kinds of alcohol products for supermarkets, discount stores, restaurants and bars in the Japanese market, and gained valuable sales and marketing skills such as branding, merchandising, tasting sales, and sales data analysis. He has been recognised as a qualified sommelier by the Japan Sommelier Association as of 2001 and has also undertaken research into the UK alcohol market during his MBA programme at the University of Bath from 2017-2018.