Spotlight – Akemi Solloway

One orphan child said to me; “I hadn’t been able to reveal my loneliness and sorrow to others in Japan, as they were also distraught, even though they were adults, they had lost family are were suffering too. …but the charity workers had come from afar away land, the UK, where they hadn’t experience

Japan Center’s new store is bringing depachika back to London!

Last week, the Japan Centre re-opened it’s door to lovers of Japanese cuisine in London. The beautifully designed new premise transports customers back to the old depachika of Tokyo (except cleaner!). Depachika, if you don’t already know, is the bottom floor of a Japanese department store, the basem

The Samurai: more than meets the eye

WHEN we think of America we think of burgers. When we think of the UK, Tea, and when we think of Japan we think of modernity. However, the institution of the Japanese Samurai transcends the recent history of whirring gadgets and blazing lights. We at Japan Nakama know that the legacy of such an orde

Sushi Go Party Competition

SO YOU LIKE SUSHI,GAMES & PARTIES?‘SUSHI-GO-PARTY’HAS IT ALL IN ONE!Japan Nakama & Coiled Spring Gameshas teamed up to give You a chance toWin 1 of 3 Sushi Go Party Games!Join the Competition Hereなかま

Japanese Comedy Pranks – 7 Game Shows That’ll Make You Laugh to Tears

We’ve gathered some of the funniest Japanese Prank Videos, Comedy Sketches and Game shows. You’ll just never guess what they get away with in Japan, Hillarious!Japanese Comedy! OWARAI!Owarai is what is known as Japanese comedy in Japan, Owarai translating to ‘have a laugh’ (Warai). Ironically, many

NEO GAL – Tokyo’s Newest and Hottest Kamikaze on Japanese Fashion

What happens when young Japanese women take styles from foreign countries and mix them with Harajuku Gyaru style? The Neo Gal. One of the Hottest & Newest fashion trends sweeping the streets of Tokyo.What is the NEO GAL?The Neo Gal aka Neo-Gyaru ネオギャル in Japanese, derives from English word Girl (Wow

Nakama Top 7 Jaw-Dropping Anime of 2016 for Lazy Sundays

The rainy Sunday before Monday… how boring! Don’t worry we’ll help you to fill in the time!Our Nakama’s Top 7 Jaw-Dropping Anime of 2016 for Lazy Sundays!7. March Comes in like a Lion (3 Gatsu no Lion)Another deep story, a ‘Slice of Life’ genre following the story of a teenager, Rei Kiriyama, a hig

How to Date a Japanese Person – 7 Tips to Avoid Awkward Dates

Dating someone outside of your culture can bring sensitive situations. Make sure that everything goes smoothly on your date with your potential partner with these 7 Tips for avoiding awkwardness.1. Don’t be late!So you’re about to have your first date with your Japanese date, here’s the first tip, b

Our Top 5 Oishii Ramen Noodle hangouts in London

See The Top 5 Ramen Noodle hangouts in London and see our Nakama Giveaway to help you make theTastiest Ramen from Homesee it at the end of this blog post!5. Bento RamenA very mixed Asia looking restaurant over in Camden Town! They had an enormous range of Ramen and Udon dishes, Sake and other small