Watch Six Main VAs Singing and Dancing in RELEASE THE SPYCE OP Song MV

Pony Canyon’s official anime YouTube channel has started streaming a 90-second short version music video for “Supatto! Spy & Spice,” the OP theme song for the forthcoming fall TV anime RELEASE THE SPYCE performed by its six main voice actresses: Yukari Anzai (Momo Minamoto), Manami Numakura (Yuki Ha

Lapis Re:LiGHTs Announces Cast of New Idol Unit

The world of magical idols has made room for one more unit! Ray is coming to Lapis Re:LiGHTs, and they’ve got an impressive voice cast behind them.The new five-girl unit of magical idols is said to be a legendary group that broke up three years ago, and has racked up an impressive list of individual

Android 17 Swoops in with His Own Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Trailer

A few days ago we saw the first screens of Android 17 in playable action in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He’s now set to launch alongside Cooler on September 28—with both priced at $4.99 a pop or available to those who picked up the FighterZ pass—and you can see his introductory trailer below.If that Septe

John’s Oddities: Nakazawa’s Fuu

I’ll be the first person to admit that my collection of anime merchandise & memorabilia is neither the largest nor the most valuable. I collect what I like (when I can afford to) and have a particular fondness for unusual and novel items. These items aren’t necessarily rare or valuable; they’re just


wDescarga este artículo en español. / Download this article in Spanish.Enough.This word should be your mantra when learning a language. When you find yourself procrastinating, making excuses, and putting off speaking practice out of fear, this string of six letters can help put you back on track:I h

Learn about Japanese tea

There are many different types of tea from all over the world, but surprisingly most of the variants comes from the same plant – Camellia sinensis.The leaves are processed differently to create the different tastes from each variant. For example; British tea is fermented where as Japanese green tea

What to Wear in Japan during Winter 2018–2019

Cool coordinations for Winter suggested by UNIQLO 2018–2019For those who are planing to take a trip to Japan in winter, this article will clear the problem of “what to wear in Japan during winter”. It is a little hard for first time visitors to imagine how cold the temperature in Japan especially To

John’s Oddities: Signed on Heaven’s Door

I’ll be the first person to admit that my collection of anime merchandise & memorabilia is neither the largest nor the most valuable. I collect what I like (when I can afford to) and have a particular fondness for unusual and novel items. These items aren’t necessarily rare or valuable; they’re just

Interview with Chris Broholm of “The Actual Fluency Podcast”

In today’s show, I talk with Chris Broholm of Actual Fluency, an excellent podcast and blog boasting an impressive number of interviews with brilliant language experts, zany polyglots, etc. (over 50 episodes as of writing), including many of my heroes and a few guests who have been on the Language M

Second Kabaneri Movie Confirms Spring 2019 Release Date

The zombie-hunting story continues on the big screen… and on the palm-sized screen.Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato has been confirmed for a spring 2019 release in Japanese cinemas. The film will take place six months after the conclusion of the television series.Tickets go on sale

2.5D Idol Group 22/7 Adds Three New Members

At last, the final mystery spots have been filled in 2.5D idol group 22/7!Joining the fray are:Yuki TojoCV: Urara TakatsukiCharacter Design: Akio Watanabe (Monogatari series, Grisaia series)Tsubomi HiragiCV: Aina TakedaCharacter Design: Mel Kishida (Hanasaku Iroha, Red Data Girl)Mikami KamikiCV: Moe

Da Capo Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Archival Edition, New Game

Dating sim line Da Capo celebrates 20 years since its inception in 2019. And to mark the occasion, they’re not only creating an archival edition of their many games, they’re adding to the list.To start, all 21 games under the umbrella of the franchise will be gathered into the upcoming Da Capo Archi

Magical Worlds Collide in Magia Record’s MADOGATARI Event

Madoka Magica smartphone spinoff game Magia Record is celebrating 400 days in service. And what better way to commemorate the occasion than by contracting a team of magical girls from a different series?Fellow SHAFT series Bakemonogatari is lending out some of its heroines as puella magi for the lim

Harvest Moon Festival in Japan – Rabbit Making Rice Cake On the Moon?

What is Harvest Moon Festival?'Harvest Moon Festival' is coming every autumn in Japan. As this holiday falls on 15th of August in the lunar calendar, the date (on the current calendar) varies every year. This year (2018), 24th of September is the day. This festival originates in China and it is cele

What is la-yu and how to use it?

La-yu is chili oil that contains chopped chili pepper in sesame oil and it is often used to spice up ramen or gyoza in Japan. It is made with hot oil, spring onion, chili pepper and other spices. These are fried and boiled which gives flavour to the oil. The spring onions and chili is then removed f

Akihabara Shopping Guide: 10 Best Shops in Akihabara

Akihabara a.k.a. AKIBA is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo known as the center of Otaku (geek) culture in the world. If you are into Otaku culture, you may already know what Akihabara looks like, but this is a great tourist destination for everybody to witness the astonishing Ja

Shokunin and Devotion

Kyoto JournalShokunin and DevotionThe Japanese word ‘shokunin’ is often translated as ‘artisan’ in English. Although it isn’t incorrect by definition, the translation seems to lose the spirit of what a shokunin does. I’m reminded of this every time I explain the works and lives of shokunin to an ove

Wild Arms: Million Memories Hits Mobile in Japan on September 26

Earlier this month publisher ForwardWorks announced Wild Arms: Million Memories, a new mobile entry in the RPG series from developer Wright Flyer Studios. Now launch is nearly upon us, with the Japanese release set for September 26 on iOS and Android.Pre-registration numbers ended up hitting 200k, w

The Top 10 Ways to Learn Mandarin Chinese (From 50+ Top Bloggers)

Learn Mandarin Now asked over 50 language bloggers (including yours truly) to list their 3 favorite tools for learning Mandarin Chinese. They then combined all the results into the super sexy infographic below and a comprehensive post (available on their site). What are your favorite tools? Any must

Fate/Grand Order Wins Award for Excellence at Japan Game Awards

Smartphone game and alternate history field day Fate/Grand Order has been a fan favorite since it first launched. Now, it is officially an award-winning creation.The Japan Game Awards, held annually by CESA, strive to emphasize the importance of the gaming industry. Winners are chosen by votes cast

Happy Sugar Life Stars Recreate Show’s Iconic Scene

Psychological horror series Happy Sugar Life is nearing its twelfth episode, and with it an ever-increasing spiral of madness for protagonist Sato.The voice actors behind the lead characters gave their thoughts on the events in recent episodes… but not before recreating the “vow” pose between crazed

Crunchyroll Confirms Sword Art Online Alicization Territories

It was just a few days ago that Crunchyroll announced plans to simulcast the next leg of the Sword Art Online anime journey, and now we have confirmation of the territories. Sword Art Online Alicization will be available to stream for Crunchyroll members in North America, Central America, South Amer